Technology transfer teams are highly adept at identifying promising innovations, executing intellectual property protection strategies, and extracting value from innovations with well-defined markets and uses. However, emerging technologies and disruptive innovations that don’t fit existing markets present unique challenges in the commercialization process.

These inventions are often well-suited to a startup company where a nimble organization can overcome these challenges and the reward paradigm is commensurate with the related risk.  Evaluating and nurturing startups requires expertise not typically found in technology transfer operations as the relatively low number of startups at most institutions does not allow them to build up a sufficient knowledge base.

As experienced entrepreneurs concentrating full-time on new venture creation, our team provides effective solutions and decades of cumulative experience in starting and funding new companies.  By concentrating on large institutions as the sources of innovation we’re sensitive to the four leading drivers of commercialization at universities- financial return, faculty satisfaction, community and economic development, and strategic alignment.  We understand that these drivers are uniquely weighted at each institution and we implement our commercialization efforts within that context.

RPX Group has deep experience in identifying innovations that have commercialization potential, and experience with applying all aspects of entrepreneurship and with capitalizing the unrealized value in these innovations.  Our clients include a Global Top 20 private university and a U.S. Top 10 public university.  We’ve also judged university business plan competitions at the local and national level.  These organizations have found that our depth of knowledge in all areas of new venture creation improves the likelihood of success.

RPX Group's Commercialization and Advisory Services are based on many years of successful new venture building for our clients.


Q- We’re interested in building new companies near campus. How can you help us in our community without a local presence?

A- The customers, markets, and competitors for your innovative technologies are national and global. Understanding them and building a winning business opportunity requires superior knowledge and extensive experience. RPX Group brings that expertise to you so it can be implemented locally.


Q- Alumni and local entrepreneurs offer to provide some of the same services as RPX Group and many do so for free. Why should we hire someone to do this?

A- Most of these people are individuals who bring solid experience in a limited range of fields to the process; they’re looking for what works for them. We work for you. RPX Group brings a team to the task that can focus on maximizing the opportunities you have across a range of technologies. Our peer relationship with you and business orientation also provide assurance that you and your faculty’s time and resources are respected.