Research Institutions

Research Institutions

The classical view is that research laboratory innovations are either too concentrated on basic science to have market potential or too narrow in scope for efficient commercialization. In our experience since 2002, RPX Group has found that this is not always the case. In fact, commercializing innovations at research institutions is similar from that at universities. Most research institutions, however, lack even the technology licensing team that is focused on bringing innovation to a marketplace.

RPX Group can help find platform market applications for focused innovations by bridging the gap between basic science and the marketplace via our own technical expertise and our extensive network of scientists and entrepreneurs in many fields. Evaluating and nurturing startup alternatives requires expertise not typically found at research laboratories as the infrequency of the opportunities does create a sufficient knowledge base.

We understand the challenges of working within the complex systems of large research institutions and our experience and knowledge of technology in the market place has led to successful technology commercialization efforts for laboratory based technologies. RPX Group’s unique process allows you to acquire and apply unique expertise while maintaining control over your commercialization options.

RPX Group is highly experienced in the capitalization of the unrealized value in innovations and all aspects of entrepreneurship. Our research clients include a national laboratory and our entrepreneurial clients have licensed a number of research lab inventions. These clients have found that our depth of knowledge in all areas of new venture creation improves the likelihood of success.

RPX Group's Commercialization and Advisory Services are based on many years of successful new venture creation.


Q- The requirements of the commercial marketplace are often incompatible with our culture. Why should we attempt to spin out our technologies?

A- They may not be as different as you think. The desire for accurate, high quality, repeatable results is no different. Also, creating additional funding sources from royalties and equity stakes in new ventures is a must in today’s constrained funding environment.


Q- If the technology goes out the door, the opportunity to perform additional funded research goes with it. Why should we let that happen?

A- You do not have to walk away from the entire body of work. Moving a few mature applications into the marketplace allows researchers to explore new horizons with the same core innovations. Today’s startup often becomes tomorrow’s joint research partner or licensee and supports the maintenance of work in the lab.