Individual or independent teams of inventors and innovators face significant challenges in realizing the full potential of their innovations. The process of new venture creation is a time consuming and complex endeavor that often exceeds the inventor’s or team’s knowledge and experience in organizing, structuring and growing a business in alignment with all stakeholders including investors.

RPX stands for Research, Planning and eXecution and our process applies these principles to the critical factors of new enterprise formation and growth. We work with the inventor or team to carefully analyze and prioritize markets, create appropriate and effective business models, create a fundable capital structure, identify management team needs, provide assistance with grant funding and connect the new enterprise with suppliers, facilities and service providers.

RPX Group's Commercialization and Advisory Services are based on many years of successful new venture building.


Q- If my idea is really that great, why won’t you work for solely for equity in the startup?

A- In rare cases we will; but this is most likely when we participate in the initial identification of the innovation and we have more control of the risk. In most cases, RPX Group prefers to take an equity stake as part of our compensation, but not all of it. Our value added to you includes access to resources we pay to develop and support, and we need to recover most of those costs in real time. In addition, we’ve found that a customer relationship gives us the distance we need to be objective providers of advice and counsel.