Entrepreneurs face difficult challenges structuring and growing a business in a highly volatile environment. Successful entrepreneurs realize that their business plan will frequently change and that the original product or service will likely evolve or change to meet market needs. Meeting the needs of all stakeholders and potential investors during this time can be challenging.

The RPX Group team has deep experience in all aspects of entrepreneurship. We partner with entrepreneurs through out the entire process of start up development beginning with the legal and capitalization structure of the new enterprise, product development and prototype, capital raising, sales, operations and liquidation or IPO.

RPX Group can also leverage its industry resources to help fill critical management team positions and offer assistance identifying strategic partnerships. We have also acted as M&A advisors to entrepreneurs and their companies at various stages of development.

Many entrepreneurs, burdened by day to day challenges, can miss strategic opportunities in valuing their business and customer base. We can help make sure you consider your company’s opportunities in an optimal strategic way.

A partnership with the RPX Group enables the entrepreneur to extend his or her own business skills to the level necessary to create and continue growing a successful new enterprise. Our Commercialization and Advisory Services are based on many years of successful new enterprise creation.


Q- If my business opportunity is really that great, why do you insist on a retainer and not share in growth via equity?

A- In most cases, you will be asking for our services for specific tasks or activities. The value of our professional advice and services is best represented by a fair price, rather than stock valuations that could cause disagreement with your stakeholders. Our value added to you includes access to resources we pay to develop and support, and we need to recover most of those costs in real time. In addition, we’ve found that a customer relationship gives us the distance we need to be objective providers of advice and counsel.