The need to meet short-term objectives often forces corporations to limit their focus to a few core innovations. As a result economically viable but non-core technologies are often lost or remain buried within the company. The failure to capitalize on the potential of non-core innovations can result in a significant loss of potential value to a company.

RPX Group unlocks that value by focusing on opportunities outside of your core strategies, bringing unique expertise to the situation, and developing market-based, experience tested processes and methods that allow you to capture significant value from these hidden assets. These inventions are often well-suited to a startup company where a new organization with different objectives and culture can develop a unique vision for the technology and the reward structure can generate significant value for the all stakeholders.

Evaluating and nurturing startups requires expertise not typically found in large businesses. As experienced entrepreneurs concentrating full-time on new venture creation, our team provides effective solutions and decades of cumulative experience in starting and funding new companies. In addition, working with a partner like RPX Group allows you to maintain a level of control over the direction of the technology.

RPX Group’s clients include public and private businesses including a Fortune 100 firm and an S&P 500 company. These organizations have found that our depth of knowledge in all areas of new venture creation improves the likelihood of success.

RPX Group's Commercialization and Advisory Services are based on many years of successful new venture building.


Q- Our corporate patent portfolio is quite valuable. Why should we pay someone to extract that value for us when there are people who will do it for free?

A- The high risk and lower success rate inherent in patent portfolio mining causes most of these people to try to extract the maximum from you; they act only in their self-interest at a high opportunity cost for you. New businesses developed with partners like RPX Group are built on a balanced approach reflecting joint gain and shared goals.


Q- How do we ensure that we’re not creating future competition or releasing technologies that will benefit our competitors as well?

A- We have significant experience in constructing licensing agreements that allow you to limit the use of your technology and allowing you to share in follow-on inventions. Our experience allows us to develop alternatives that balance your corporate needs while maximizing the potential of the startup.