Q- What makes an innovation right for a startup?

A- While it depends on the market application, there are a number of factors that affect the startup decision.  Typically the innovation needs to stand alone as a product or service.  Who is it a “must have” for?  Is it disruptive?  We analyze an idea from multiple perspectives to be sure an innovation is appropriate for a startup.


Q- Why should I retain a commercialization advisor?

A- Advisors help you avoid mistakes that can cost valuable money and time.  For example, an unrealistic valuation or poorly constructed capital structure can turn off venture capitalists.  Even experienced entrepreneurs use advisors because they realize they may not be able to identify all of the issues.


Q- I’ve met someone who says he can help us.  How is RPX Group a better partner for me?

A- Individuals can bring solid experience to the process but most have expertise in a limited range of fields; they’re looking for what works for them.  We work for you and our team has a wide array of business, technology and entrepreneurial experience to apply to your opportunity.


Q- Can RPX Group assist us with a smaller projects like our business plan or do we have to go through the entire process?

A- Our preference is to work with you on all aspects of the commercialization process but we recognize that some of our client partners may have limited needs and we structure assignments accordingly.


Q- We’ve decided to commercialize a technology that is already well-developed.  We just want help with the market analysis and writing the business plan.  Can RPX help?

A- Yes, RPX can help with the entire process of establishing a new venture or any part of the process.


Q- RPX Group seems to focus on working with large organizations.  Does RPX Group work with individuals and founding teams?

A- We are pleased to work with new venture founding teams and have done so successfully when our visions for the opportunity are well-aligned.