Advanced Diamond Technologies

Advanced Diamond Technologies is a nano-materials company that was spun out of the Argonne National Laboratories (ANL) with assistance from the RPX Group and the Illinois Technology Enterprise Center.

In creating the new venture, the RPX Group was able to help ANL and the new company in overcoming several significant challenges including:

  1. The IP was encumbered by previous technology transfer decisions
  2. Knowledge/know-how transfer with inventors was staying at ANL
  3. Uncertain markets for nano-materials
  4. Long development time to revenue

RPX applied its process to confirm the unique properties of the new company’s technology, and a market analysis narrowed the number of possible customers.  RPX also assisted with the business plan development and vetting, in addition to finding management and beta customers.

The result of this work was the company formation with $1 million in angel/VC seed funding and multiple SBIR grants.

RPX Whiteboard Challenge

The RPX Whiteboard Challenge, held in conjunction with the MIT Enterprise Forum in Chicago, is one example of how the RPX Group assists its clients in gaining access to investors, markets, infrastructure providers and potential management team members.

The RPX Whiteboard Challenge met the needs of innovators and entrepreneurs by creating an innovative forum to expose new ideas to a large group of investors and mentors.  The goal of the whiteboard challenge was to provide a low cost forum with a focus on the idea.  Entrepreneurs received immediate constructive feedback on their presentations.

Investors and mentors were exposed to a vide variety of innovative ideas, representing many different technologies from different industries and academia.  The RPX Whiteboard Challenge was the largest ever attended meeting for the MIT Enterprise Forum, establishing Chicago as a center of innovation and enterprise development.