Innovation Assessment

Our experience allows us to more effectively screen technologies and identify the most promising opportunities.

Inventors and entrepreneurs are often so confident of the strength of their ideas they bypass the innovation assessment process. The result is innovations that never reach their full potential and companies that fail to achieve an adequate return on participants’ investment of time, career, and money.

A rigorous innovation assessment helps entrepreneurs identify challenges and opportunities in advance, allowing them to adjust their technology or business model to avoid problems before they occur. The RPX Group assessment process consists of three processes designed to identify whether an innovation has the strength to succeed and a sufficient market opportunity to justify investment.

Moving through the three steps of our process is like clearing a series of hurdles. Each hurdle represents a different challenge that innovators and entrepreneurs must overcome in order to successfully launch a new enterprise. Unfortunately, most innovations fail to clear every hurdle and the new venture is not successful.

RPX Group works closely with its clients to anticipate the hurdles that a new enterprise will face. Our screening process starts early in the development of an idea or innovation to determine which ideas and innovations have the potential to clear all of the hurdles and which ones are better suited for alternative commercialization paths.

Hurdles to Ideas and Invention

By thoroughly reviewing the level of the innovation’s development, analyzing the market potential and testing the opportunity for its start up potential, the RPX Group can identify those innovations and ideas that have the best chance to clear all hurdles in the new venture formation process.

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