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Infrastructure includes, but is much more than, office space and technology. It is the dynamic interaction and management of strategy, skilled people, tools and processes that helps enable the firm to accomplish its goals.  Infrastructure issues can include:

Physical Space

How do you identify and acquire appropriate office and lab space, and negotiate terms that meet your operational needs in terms of cost, flexibility and growth?

How should you fill that space with appropriate equipment and furniture?  Should you lease or buy?  Should you invest in servers or use web based services?

Regulatory Issues

Once you have chosen your legal business form, what regulatory filings and fees will you have to make?  How do you insure that you keep your filings current?

Have you identified what taxes are payable and when?  Income tax, property taxes and payroll and social security taxes are common.  Will you have others?  Even if you outsource these responsibilities, someone has to manage them.

Accounting and Legal Infrastructure

While these two items are usually discussed together, it is likely you will not see your attorneys as much as your accountants.

After you have obtained your FEIN and bank account, how are the company’s financial activities to be managed?  Since potential investors or acquirers will demand to see accurate and current accounts, it makes sense to set this up correctly from the beginning.  How do you choose an accountant and attorney who are right for you?

In the end, experience counts and RPX Group has started and helped build a wide range of companies and their infrastructure.

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