Funding Assistance

Funding Assistance

Our practical experience as angel investors and in securing grant funding for clients help us develop achievable capital plans.

Every high growth new venture needs capital to develop and succeed. It is the rare startup company that has sufficient capital or revenues to fund and build operations.  As a result, raising capital becomes a critical part of the strategy of a startup.

For entrepreneurs and leadership teams, the capital raising process is typically uncertain, unstructured, and unfathomable.  We believe that very few people consider these issues early enough, and those that do rarely think deeply enough about them.

If you’re planning to seek venture funds or other more sophisticated types of investment, its necessary to take a comprehensive view of the situation from valuation to voting control to exit strategies and alignment of investor interests.

Puzzle pieces showing: Determining Valuation, Ownership & Capitalization Planning, Investor Introductions, and Presentation Development & Coaching

At RPX Group, our experience as investors and entrepreneurs enables us to examine these issues with your particular situation in mind so that expectations can be set and funding goals can be met.  The search for capital becomes shorter, more successful and the new venture avoids the trap of running out of money and time.  We assist in the capital raising process in the following ways-



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