Turning Ideas into Businesses

RPX Group is a technology commercialization firm and strategic stakeholder in early stage startups. Our partners and staff have diverse domain expertise, management skill sets, industry experience and dedication to new venture creation. RPX Group works with technology aggregators who develop innovations but need assistance in developing successful businesses.

Universities, research laboratories, and companies produce significant numbers of innovations that have the potential to generate meaningful returns. Most organizations find it challenging to realize the full value of these innovations due to the need to focus on core opportunities and needs and meet short-term objectives. Dedicated internal resources such as patenting and licensing (technology transfer) teams are highly adept at protecting and extracting value from innovations with well-defined markets and uses. Capturing the potential of disruptive innovations that create entirely new opportunities presents a different series of challenges for most institutions.

RPX stands for Research, Planning and eXecution.

RPX Group provides significant value by focusing on opportunities outside the organization's vision, bringing unique non-core expertise to the situation, and developing market-based, experience tested processes and methods to increase the prospects for success. We prefer to accept the role of your partner, sharing the same risks as you and participating in the rewards.

Since 2002, RPX Group has assisted innovators and entrepreneurs and their firms by capturing the value of disruptive technologies through the creation and spin out of new enterprises. We partner with you in all aspects of the process, including sharing the risk by accepting equity in the enterprises we create together.

We look forward to working with you and turning your ideas into businesses.